1. What is a payday debt settlement? 

A payday settlement service is an agreement arrived to as between our specialists, who represent you, and your creditors, as regards the payment of your debt in installments that you can afford. This implies that you get to pay lesser installments for your debts, to pay off all of them within a specific time frame.
2. What is payday debt consolidation?

This is the means we employ in order to give you the leverage to pay off your debts. We consolidate all you debts to come up with the monthly installments to paying them off, at the rate that fits within your budget.
3. Why would my payday creditors be willing to accept less money than the installments I owe them?

This is because your creditors wants you to pay off your debt; and sometimes, no matter how long it takes. For this reason, they are willing to negotiate giving you a better, cheaper, monthly payment rates. Note though that you may only get to enjoy this is with the help of expert credit negotiators in the field– and that, we can definitely provide you with.


4. Are you a legal consultancy firm?

No, we are not. But our specialists are knowledgeable in the law, and we know how to protect your rights as against possible harassments  and abuse by your aggressive creditors.


5. How much should I be paying to avail of your services?

Send us an inquiry and the service you would like us to do for you, and promise to get back to you with a quote that you can afford.


6. Do I have divulge all of my financial activities to you?

Yes, we believe this might be necessary. Or in case you intend to withhold some other information from us, we believe that you have to provide you with that which is necessary, so that we can be able to be of effective service to you too.


7. How long does it take to enroll into your payday debt consolidation services?

After sending us an inquiry, we will get back to you with a financial plan and soon as you approve the same, we move forward from there. Know that once you are ready, so are we.


8. How is the service fee paid? Are they paid upfront?

Our services are not paid up front, so no need to worry on this matter. We understand that the reason you avail of our payday loan consolidation services is because you want to be free from your obligations; and we do not intend to add up to your burden.


9. How long will it take to pay off my debt once I avail of your services?

Ideally, we target 6 to 12 months of paying off all your loans and debts; however, we may extend the same once it will be beneficial for your finances too. We know that aside from paying off your loans and debts, you have some other necessities to spend on; and that, we consider as well.

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